Minimum Order Requirements:

  • Opening Order: $500
  • eTailer Opening Order: $1,500 (online only accounts)
  • Existing Account Reorder: $150
  • International Orders: $5,000


  • All product is shipped Fed Ex Ground, F.O.B. our facility, unless otherwise stated in our confirmation.
  • Delivery dates are approximate and subject to confirmation.
  • We reserve  the right to withhold shipment for non-payment and to make delivery in installments, and all such installments are to be separately invoiced and paid for at the then current price when due per invoice, without regard to subsequent deliveries.
  • You assume all responsibility for risk of loss of, or damages to or caused by, the products, upon the earlier of our delivery to the carrier or the shipment leaving our facility, including, without limitation, losses and damages arising from unloading, discharge, storage, handling, and use.
  • If you delay shipment, payments are to be made as specified and the products shall be held at your risk and subject to reasonable storage charges.
  • Products are provided for your use or sale to your customers.

Domestic Orders: Most orders will ship within 5-7 business days.
International Orders: Will be available to ship within 14-21 business days.