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six steps to successfully reopen

Tip One


Have someone at your front door to keep track of how many people are entering the store. Keep a limited amount of shoppers inside at a time. If you have people waiting to get inside, have them line up outside, six feet apart.

Tip 2


Make sure both your employees and shoppers have masks (and for some, gloves) available to them. This will assure customers that your store is a safe shopping place and of course keep from spreading any germs.

Tip 3


Most retailers already offer contactless payments, like accepting chipped credit cards and smartphone payment. Set up an in-store venmo account for those who want to shop without touching a form of payment.

Tip 4


It is a great time if your store has an online shop. If not a website, then presence on social media. Allow your customers to shop online and either pick it up curbside, or in the mail. Don't forget to promote Gift Cards!

Tip 5


Offer hand sanitizer at your entrance and make sure your employees are constantly cleaning, especially places like a fitting room. Put your store name  on a small sanitizer bottle and sell it at checkout! 

Tip 6


Your customers are looking to you for guidance on if it is okay to shop in your store. Keep them updated on social media, email, or your website explaining what steps you are taking, updated hours and other crucial information.