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Our most recent videos will make you fall in love with our Fall 2018 Collections.

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Our Holiday How-To video series was designed to inspire your customers with the product's versatility. Use these techniques in your store window, to create a lifestyle atmosphere within your store and to let the merchandised story do the talking. Just because you are pushing holiday sales, does not mean you have to forget about every day pieces!

These season, we aim to show the retailer our products in a new light! Maybe you are on the fence about a certain product? We want you to think about how you can style it in more ways than one. Do not be afraid to step outside of the box! Our Style This series shows three Mud Pie staples and how your customer can wear it casually, to work and to a party! These are great to show on your own social channels or even on TVS or iPads in your store.


Fall in love with our Fall 2018 Fashion collection as you see it in action! Do not forget to download these and use them for your social channels or in TVs and iPads through out your store.


We have come such a long way in the gift industry as this year, we celebrate Mud Pie's 30th anniversary! From just 10- terracotta figurines in 1988 to over 13,000 skus over three lines of business: Home, Kids, and Fashion, Mud Pie continutes to get even sweeter as every year passes. Thank YOU for supporting us over these 30 amazing years! Here is to 30 more! Click the button above for some extra sweetness.

 March of Dimes is the nation's leading non-profit organization devoted to maternal and infant health. In 2013 Mud Pie announced a signature partnership wih March of Dimes to help raise funds through the sale of Mud Pie baby socks and soft headbands. Through this alliance, Mud Pie will have contributed $800,000 to March of Dimes through the end of 2018. Click the button above to learn more about the Mason Family and how their lives has been changed thanks to the March of Dimes.

Fall Fashion Videos

Fall in love with our Fall 2018 Fashion collection as our Director of Fashion, Katie Blazer, takes you through every piece!

Chatting with Chad Videos

Listen to Mud Pie's Director of Visual Merchandising, Chad Gieseke, as he gives you tips and tricks on how to create the best retail space yet!

Spring Fashion

Spring into the season and get excited for our absolutely darling Sprin 2018 Fashion collection. Listen in as our Director of Fashion, Katie Blazer, takes you through every piece!


Product Talk Videos

Get inspired as we show you, the retailer, how to let the product do the talking and tell the story. Check out how we have used our Spring 2018 items in more ways than one!

Let's Get Social Videos

At a recent show, our Manager of Social Media & Digital Marketing, Jessica Stevens-Carr gave an introduction into social media. Listen and learn how to use social media to reach new customers, build relationships, and why it is vital for today's business.

Pazitive Thoughts Video

The American Cancer Society is working to create a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. From research to education, prevention to diagnosis, and treatment to recovery, the Society provides support to everyone impacted by cancer. That is why Mud Pie is thrilled to contribute a $100,000 donation to the American Cancer Society in 2017 and 2018 to help underserved cancer patients purchase wigs. Check out our Pazitive Thoughts Collection and learn more about Karen Paz and her story by clicking the button above.


Were you unable to visit our showroom for Spring 2018 Market? Click the button above to see our showroom in action!

Archive Videos


Check out a few of our oldie but goodie videos from past seasons, including our ICON Honors award, March of Dimes walk, past fashion shows, Chatting with Chad series and more!

We are excited to provide you, our beloved retailers, with more educational tools than ever before. From videos, to photos to descriptions, Mud Pie wants to focus on helping you grow by providing you with the resoruces you need to successfully sell and fall in love with Mud Pie!