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  1. Make sure you look as ready for business as possible. Everyone wants to get back to before, “normal”. Make sure your product displays look and feel the same or better than before. Full and ample.
  2. Offer a warm welcome to your customers. But keep in mind that they may have concerns with social distancing. Train your team to be mindful of safe pandemic practices.
  3. Create a fun environment. Play more lively music or bring in fresh flowers. Think of this as a grand re-opening.
  4. Feature a creative way to highlight the exterior entrance of your store or building. Let everyone know that you are open for business.  Fresh flowering plants in containers, balloons, a “Now Open” sign or banner.
  5. Be patient with your store team. Make sure they are all aware of any local retail opening policies. Help them through your action plans for cleaning and customer interaction. They may need some refresher training after being away for a while, or retraining to comply with any new standards.


Gifts on the Go

Gifts on the Go

It is time to think outside of the box (or the basket) when it comes to gift giving! Click the image above to see how Chad creates the perfect gifts on the go for your customers, making it easy and mindless for them to get the best gifts!

Making a Big Impact in a Little Space

Making a BIG Impact in a LITTLE Space

You don't have to minimize your buying soley because you don't have enough space! Click the image above to see how Chad makes the most out of a little space.

Keeping Your Store Fresh

Keeping Your Store Fresh

It is important to keep your store fresh all season long. Click the image above to hear Chad's tips on making your store look new every time a customer walks through the door.

Cross Merchandising

Mixing Merchandise

Need ideas on how to cross-merchandise all of your Mud Pie product? Click the image above to hear how Chad would mix his Mud Pie merchandise!