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  1. Create a cheerful environment. Inspire your customers with displays they'll want in their own home. Encourage them to decorate for celebration, whether it may be in person, or on zoom.
  2. Offer a warm welcome to your customers. But keep in mind that they may have concerns with social distancing. Train your team to be mindful of safe pandemic practices. 
  3. Be active on social media. Let your customers know what you are planning for the holidays. Whether it be different hours, daily sales, or fun giveways. 
  4. Create grab + go gifts. Make it easy and mindless for your customers to shop. Curate gifts based on recipient, occassion or price point for your customers to get and gift!
  5. The holidays aren't canceled and neither is seasonal spirit. Inspire new traditions, add to old traditions and make sure you deck your shelves with seasonal staples. 

Gifts on the Go

Gifts on the Go

It is time to think outside of the box (or the basket) when it comes to gift giving! Click the image above to see how Chad creates the perfect gifts on the go for your customers, making it easy and mindless for them to get the best gifts!

Making a Big Impact in a Little Space

Making a BIG Impact in a LITTLE Space

You don't have to minimize your buying soley because you don't have enough space! Click the image above to see how Chad makes the most out of a little space.

Keeping Your Store Fresh

Keeping Your Store Fresh

It is important to keep your store fresh all season long. Click the image above to hear Chad's tips on making your store look new every time a customer walks through the door.

Cross Merchandising

Mixing Merchandise

Need ideas on how to cross-merchandise all of your Mud Pie product? Click the image above to hear how Chad would mix his Mud Pie merchandise!